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Pinnacle Food Inc.

Quality Canadian Ginseng

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About Us

More Than A Canadian Ginseng Company

Pinnacle Food is a Canadian Ginseng brand inspired by a natural and healthy lifestyle. We combine the latest technology and technology in cleaning, drying, sorting, processing, packaging innovation, to create products that can stimulate the vitality of the human body, so that every unique individual can feel the good experience of Canadian Ginseng for the human body.

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Our Mission

We do not blindly follow the experience of previous years, but go to the field every year to explore and inspect, carefully screen all Canadian Ginseng in more than 160 farms, and create the best quality American ginseng products. For people to create an extraordinary experience of the use of Canadian Ginseng, whether it is a young talent or the elders, can replenish the spirit and refresh the spirit.

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Products Showcase

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Aurice Canadian Ginseng

4-Year Dried Canadian Ginseng Roots
Size: 454g (1lb) per bag


Aurice Canadian Ginseng Slice

4-Year Canadian Ginseng Slice


Aurice Canadian Ginseng Tea

Ground Origin 4 Years Canada Ginseng Roots
Size: 227g (0.5 lb) per bag


Bespoke Ginseng

A bespoke ginseng experience that tailored to your need

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Pinnacle Food Inc.

Ginseng Manufacturing | Exporting | Lab Testing

1155-950 Seaborne Avenue Port Coquitlam BC

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